Are you a Data Wrangler?

I came across Data Wrangler today, a research project from Stanford.

From the video, it looks like a data-munger’s dream tool, allowing all of the ‘usual’ transformations we do, and enabling the user to output a script to recreate the transformation in a variety of languages. I have yet to play with it, but I think it has promise. If anyone plays with it extensively, I would love to hear how well it performs for you.

[Also from that team, Protovis (, a visualization toolset.]

It looks like Google has a somewhat similar toolset, with Google Refine . I am not sure the google’s tool keeps track of the transformations enabling export of the logic in other languages, but it has its own cool features.  I like the ‘Clustering Feature’ for transforming similar words /data values
Such as:

Firm Fixed Price
FFP:Firm fixed price
Fixed Price

Thankfully, Google Refine is a desktop app instead of forcing you to upload your data into some unknown location with unknown protection.

Thanks to Chris Pudney for the links.

Someone at work also pointed me to



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